Auteur-Compositeur : Mélodiste, instrument (guitare, clavier)

CHANTEUSE INTERPRETE Reprises Jazz, Funk, Pop, Variété Internationale :


Premières parties, duos : Pierre Charby, Salvatore Adamo, Pauline Croze, Johnny Vegas, Jean Menconi, James Kottak (batteur de Scorpions)


Autoproduction: Single à vocation caritative Composition style Lounge music
« PEMA HIMALAYA » Achat Fnac. DG Diffusion, édition ALTESS









Singer songwriter accompanying herself on guitar Produce director and editor of her first non-commercial video clip Writer with a born passion

Elodie ATLAN, was born in Cannes in March 1990. Her father Jean-Marie, a former businessman, accompanies her on harmonica. Her mother Mireille has a passion for homeopathy, which gives rise to her nickname Doctor M (an amusing coincidence as she played a minor role in the James Bond film Never say Never Again in 1983). Elodie is part of a very close family, providing her with plenty of support to pursue her dreams...

At the age of 8, she discovers a love for writing and theatre. She is fascinated by James Bond movies and the world of undercover agents, and she can already be heard humming the Goldfinger theme to herself...

At the age of 11, she creates her own melodies.

At 14, she teaches herself to play the keyboard and begins composing her first songs. She also writes her first book about a female undercover agent.

At 17, she takes a few lessons on her mother's guitar and continues to compose songs. She also becomes a member of the association of composers and music publishers, SACEM (she currently has over 60 compositions to her name). It does not take long for her to start appearing on stage and the first articles about her begin to appear in the press, with interviews and local TV coverage.

At the same time, Elodie continues with her studies, obtaining the French Baccalaureat high school diploma and a university diploma in law.

In 2005 she wins a songwriter contest.

In 2006, she is selected by the STAR ACADEMY team, won over by her personality and unique voice. At that time, she refuses the offer, deciding that she wants to sing her own compositions.

In 2007 she performs in a series of private and public concerts, and is the opening act for a number of artists including Salvatore and Adamo... She composes jingles for radio and works with other composers on movie sound tracks.

In 2010, Elodie decides to recompose the entire James Bond repertoire and closely studies each movie. Diamonds are Forever is the first in a number of cover versions and this song remains a symbol for Kennie. The media compare her with the greatest female voices in Jazz...

In 2011, Elodie participates in a number of fashion shows for Claude Bonucci and Belotti Couture.

For the 50th anniversary of James Bond films in 2012, Elodie produces her first non-commercial video clip entitled "a Tribute to James Bond", with next to no budget and in record time with the help of fifty volunteers.

2012-2014 : Elodie create a production company at Cannes (CréaCannes - Bastide Rouge) with Olivier LE BORGNE.